The only thing better than watching an excited qt is making a qt excited

-- Xen0

Important stuffs

I now have a tor hidden service running for at dywjw2agystrw3vr.onion.

I also set up a gopher on, you can get there from here if your browser can understand the protocol. the gopher doesn't have much on it yet but i plan on adding stuff. the gopher can also be reached using the .onion address, here is a link for you.


Mayui's qt site! Mayui is a real life superhero! Yu shud emairu her and encourage her to updaet and add stuffs!
This is epsesially masterful werk :o
Nini's page. Could use some pink.
A nice pink site with sum chinese cartoons.
No Bulli Public License -- Authored by my qt frend Mugi on github. If these differ then use hers.
Here ar superqtmost things that my frens hav maked for me :3

Some dum pages on this website

Instructional Manual for Optimal Happiness and Friendship
My confs, includes sum screenshots.
My personal "best websites of the year" lists. I've been pretty lazy about this.
Sum things i maked, can also be found from github
My bloggu. Been pretty dead for a while.

Stuff I support

Free Software Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Software Freedom Conservancy
GNU Project
Richard Matthew Stallman's personal website

Contact me!!

If you want to contact me for w/e reason you can do so by emailing yui at cock dot li. Rememer that I won't reply to you if you don't include your gpg key and it isn't located at

My GPG key can be found here.
Fingerprinto: 7B29 6212 4A73 E1E9 15E8 A7D4 7F96 C964 9CBC BF51

If you got urgent stuff or just want to say hi you can do so in IRC.
You can find me from following networks with the name Tsutsukakushi:
I'd apperciate it if you used OTR when messaging me :3

Here is a list of the networks I'm on:

Darenet Efnet Freenode Fuwafuwa Geekshed Hackint IRCnet Mizukiirc Mozilla Oftc Online PirateIRC Rizon Snoonet Stormbit Volatile

The official channel is on

My name is usually Tsutsukakushi but some networks have nick length limitations so I'm just Tsutsu on those. My OTR fingerprint SHOULD be 64424176 9C1F1217 087A3B8E D0B80BE3 F30DD2F6. If it isn't for some reason you should ask me to prove my identity by asking me to sign the fingerprint that you see for me.

You can also contact me on jabber if yu want to.
yui at and yui at

Stuff about this website

Opinions or ideas presented on this site are not those of GNU project or FSF. I however recommend any and all visitors to donate for following organizations.

If you were looking for the GNU moe text editor then this is not the right site. GNU moe can be found at

Everything on this webby is also detach signed, for detach signatures just add .sig to the urls like this (with some pages you might need to add index.html.sig): -->

And for the those who didn't read the last section, the GPG key can be found here.
Fingerprinto: 7B29 6212 4A73 E1E9 15E8 A7D4 7F96 C964 9CBC BF51

There is also a changelog for this site.

NOTE: the latest entries are at the bottom, the changelog is meant to be curled, you're a real dummy if you open it in a web browser.

I also maked a sitemap for those who want to dounloud errything.

I have a small script that i use to do the signatures, sitemap, and changelogs.

More serious section of my website.
Privacy policy or whatever.
Copyright stuff, tl;dr: feel free to steal my stuff.