These configuration files are a bit outdated, not much but somewhat and I cba to update them. I'll keep this page around because I'm too lazy to take new screenshots of the newer stuff. Most of the changes I've made aren't cosmetic so these screenshots should be still fairly accurate. The newer configuration files are available on my git.

.bashrc | Just the colors in sourceable format | screenshot of the colors | In Xdefaults/resources format
.tmux.conf | screenshot

.ncmpcpp/config | screenshot
.muttrc | screenshot
.vimrc | screenshot
ranger | screenshot
cmus | screenshot
newsbeuter | screenshot
w3m | keybinds | screenshot
weechat | screenshot
Lynx config | colors | rc | screenshot
Pinfo | screenshot
I made a new colorscheme | Screenshot of weechat with the colorscheme | Screenshot of just the colors
Htop theme patch | screenshot

The font I use is cp850-8x16, other distros might have similiar fonts with different name, on debian it's Uni2-VGA16.

The htop patch is modified from the one in the htop-blueweb package in Arch User Repository. Thank you for whoever who made that patch.